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Korektury a redakce textů v češtině

Do your texts need a "doctor"? We provide editing and proofreading services by native Czech speakers.

Czech Language Services

These services are useful to both native Czech speakers and foreigners who live in the Czech Republic. If you are among the ex-pats producing documents in Czech, we're here to help you sound like a pro. Czech is a very difficult language and what may be easily forgiven in personal contact is embarrassing in correspondence, CVs or business proposals.

Proofreading Texts

Even good authors need proofreaders. Sure, you can use your spellcheck program, but it doesn't catch everything and what's left may be just enough to embarass you. There's no need to let that happen, let us proofread your texts!

  • A proofreader checks typos and grammar, but will not edit your style, length of sentences or meaning.
  • We offer proofreading only for texts written by authors, who are native English speakers. If you write in a second language or your text is translated, you will need editing.

Editing Texts and Translations

Do you know who helped F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway and Thomas Wolfe become famous? Max Perkins, their genius editor. There is a difference between expressing a thought and expressing it clearly. Many times, texts contain all the necessary information, but they are too long or difficult to read. As an author of the text (may it be a letter, scientific paper or a book) it's your primary job to "put it on paper". It's your editor's job to make it smooth.

This is especially important for texts written in a second language or translated. With the exception of translations provided by us, where we have the opportunity to cooperate during translation, practically all translated texts need editing, not just proofreading. Languages are very different in their structure and a good editing job makes all the difference in how people perceive you. Editors not only fix mistakes, but make texts sound natural to a target audience.

  • An editor fixes typos, grammar, word order and sentence structure, as well as the overall writing style.
  • On larger or ongoing projects, editor maintains an overall style, consistent terminology and information strucuture.

Pulling Together Your Work - Editorial Treatment of Delivered Materials

We can take a pile of your notes, documents, quotes or audio materials and turn them into a logical well structured document. Whether you need an instruction manual, term paper or a book, we can help you make sense of what materials you've written already and suggest which pieces are missing.

  • The editor will review all delivered materials and suggest an outline (sections, chapters, lists) to help you prioritize the information.
  • Editor then implements delivered material into the suggested structure, edits typos, grammar, formatting and overall style of the document.


Jak to funguje:

  • Texts for editing or proofreading can be sent in Word format, websites can be translated directly, if you provide me with access.
  • Delivery date can be established once I know the amount of work and level of dificulty.
  • It is very important to have one person on your staff, who's familiar with the project or is the author of the text, whom I can contact, should there be any questions

Kolik to stojí:

Proofreading and editing work is calculated per a norm page (1800 characers per page including spaces, about 250 words).

Proofreading Czech Texts

80 CZK / norm page

Editing Czech Texts

  • Czech texts delivered for editing
  • texts translated to Czech by other translators

120 CZK / norm page

Editorial Treatment (Pulling Together)

estimate will be established once we review the existing materials

500 CZK per hour

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