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Úpravy a retušování fotografií

Do you have a CD full of pictures and you need just a few, but good ones, for you presentation? Do you have old family photos that need to be scanned and retouched? Then you need our photo editing services!

photo editing retouchingÚpravy fotografií

Typical editing procedures include:

  • Sizing - adjustment to a required size to fit the computer screen or output printing size. Some sizing can be done automatically, but we often prefer to work individually with each photo, especially if we can also crop.
  • Cropping - Cropping eleminates "everything that doesn't tell the story" - background, furniture next to the subject, etc. It's simple, fast and always worth it.
  • Sharpening - images which are out of focus can be sharpend. Also changing image size can cause "fuzzy" look which can be sharpened by individual adjustment.
  • Light balancing - if the picture is too light, too dark or has a "gray film" over it, the light balancing can bring it out
  • Color balancing - some pictures are unbalanced in terms of colors, this is especially true of blue overtones or too much red in people's faces. Oversaturated images can be toned down to more natural colors, grayish images can be saturated to "look happier".

Retušování fotografií

If there are flaws in the image, it's time to 'airbrush' it - retouch it. Typical retouching procedures include:

  • Red-eye - Red-eye caused by flash is classic. Results are always best when done "by hand", even if your fotolab offers automatic red-eye reduction.
  • Skin tones often are a problem. White people should have naturally pink skin, not too red, not too yellow. Dark skinned people need good lighting to show features properly.
  • Skin imperfections - we can air brush wrinkles, freckles or spots, shiny noses and add a virtual make-up when you didn't have time to put on the real one.
  • Teeth - some smiles expose bad teeth. In close ups, this may be worth fixing - what the dentist didn't manage, we might.
  • Hair - hair is generally hard to air-brush, because you can see through it and often it would have to be cut out individually. But if you have an otherwise perfect photo where wind picked up your hair badly, it may be well worth fixing.
  • Body - yes, we can make you thinner. But not for real, only on the pictures. Again, natural look is the goal here, rather than making you look suspiciously thin to all who know you in person.

Restoring Old Photos

Once scanned, old photos, even historic ones, can be restored back to their original beauty ... or almost. Some of their beauty, of course, may be precisely their age. Typical restoration procedures include:

  • Dust or stain removal
  • Scratches and cracks removal
  • Overall tone adjustment
  • Balancing dark spots and faded spots

Manipulating Reality

There are times, when you not only need to improve the photo, you need to actually change it. Typical uses are:

  • Cutting out a subject from its background - e.g. a product picture which was really a snapshot on your kitchen table
  • Erasing part of the image - such as the waiter who ended up on your wedding picture next to all your family members.
  • Replacing part of the image - this is especially useful for fun collages, party invitations etc. You can put your head on a different body, put a beer mug into your friend's hand instead of a stirring wheel ... you name it.

More About Photo Editing

Jak to funguje:

  • Fotografie můžeme přijímat ve všech běžných formátech na CD, DVD, ZIPu nebo stažením z internetu / serveru. Posílání přes e-mail je praktické jen v malém množství.
  • Můžeme také naskenovat materiály a fotografie do formátu A4 (cca 20x30 cm), jinak je musíme skenovat na několik částí a sesadit je dohromady.

Kolik to stojí:

  • Standardní cena je 500 Kč za hodinu. Jakmile budeme znát rozsah práce a kvalitu původního materiálu, můžeme Vám dát bližší odhad ceny.

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