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Ghostwriting: Tvůrčí psaní za Vás

Creative writing requires experience. You may be an expert in your field, but if you lack writing skills, producing an article, a presentation or a book may be difficult. We're ready create texts in either Czech or English ... on you behalf.


Just as you wouldn't enter your CEO in a professional tennis tournament, don't send him off unprepared when he has to be as good as his words. A relatively simple speech to a trade association carries the same weight as a book that captures the spirit of its subject. If his name is on the introduction or the author-page, the writing had better be first-class.

First-Class is What We're All About

Writing texts on your behalf, ghostwriting, is a rather normal practice worldwide. We can write almost anything, from an article to a book, perhaps with the exception of student works.


Like a ghost, a ghostwriter is invisible. The idea for a speech or a book comes from the credited author, the man or woman who has something to share with the world. They may not be writers. One need not be a painter to design and create a lovely home.

We're writers and we perceive the work as a craft, a skill to be honed. Talent may well be at the core, but to create valuable and polished text is hard work. And there is no need for you to do this hard work if you are inexperienced or don't have the necessary time to devote to it.

You Need a Ghostwriter when ...

  • you want to write an autobiography, have plenty of stories to share, but no time to write them down ... after all you need to be experiencing the new stories

  • you have a feeling that your competitors are more highly visible in professional and general publications. They don't know anything you wouldn't know, maybe they just have a talented ghostwriter working on their behalf.

  • you finally decide to stop putting it off and actually write that cookbook or family history. You may have a nice collections of recipes, photos and materials, but the writing puts you off.

  • you are an expert on a specific subject and are asked to contribute to a professional publication or write a book.

  • you are about to attend a conference, your Powerpoint presentation is ready, but now you need to write a piece for the anthology.

  • you need articles for your company newsletter or website, but have no time personally, or the talented employee to write them.

  • you must present a celebratory speech and asked you to write it as well... as if the stage fright weren't enough.

  • ... you need to write something against a deadline and your pen dries up, the paper is empty.

More About Ghostwriting

  • Here are a few of Michaela Freeman's thoughts on being a ghostwriter.
  • Texts don't just magically appear ... here is a detailed description of the writing process.


How It Works:

  • Ghostwriting is available in both Czech and English by native speakers.
  • Flexible service on as-needed basis or by retainer.
  • First session is best conducted personally, but with smaller projects, we can communicate over phone or Skype as well. The rest can be handled over e-mail.
  • We can accept creative material in any format, digital, scanned, printed or as a link to a website.
  • We typically provide text in Word format, other formats are negotiable.
  • We will establish deadlines (both for submitted materials and completion) depending on the scope of the project.
  • Ghostwriting is always co-authoring to some degree, so direct continuing access to the credited author is a must.
  • For ethical reasons, we cannot ghost write student papers or scientific works. We can provide editing and proofreading services for these, but not creative writing.

Kolik to stojí:

  • Ghostwriting is like a custom-built automobile. We absolutely need to sit down and discuss the particular project in order to provide price guidelines.

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